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A curriculum was created to go along with the videos for the ¡No te dejes!/Don’t Let Yourself awareness initiative with the intention to educate the community about domestic and dating violence dynamics and prevention. This curriculum addresses the dynamics of abusive intimate relationships to include the definition of domestic and dating violence, the cycle of violence, and the power and control wheel. Additionally, it highlights the importance of a safety plan and effects of children during and after an abusive relationship. Furthermore, the curriculum offers resources information such as the Crime Victims Compensation program and the Violence Against Women Act among others. Most importantly, it emphasizes there is assistance, strategies, and prevention for all affected by domestic and dating violence because no one deserves to be in an abusive relationship.

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Teen Dating Violence (19:11)

Signs & Cycles (7:34)

Safety Planning (6:40)

Undocumented Victim (7:32)